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How to join SSAA Oakdale Pistol Club Inc.

If youre interested in handgun target shooting, come along to any of the rostered shoot days and have a look. If you like what you see, consider joining the SSAA Oakdale Pistol Club.

There are one or two hurdles that must be overcome before you can be a member, but none are insurmountable. You must first get approval from Tasmania Police. This is done by filling in an Application For An Exemption which will only be available at the club. The police will conduct a suitability check and if approved, you will be able to shoot at Oakdale for 6 months while completing your membership probation and waiting for your firearms licence or category H endorsement.

Now that you have your exemption, you need to join the SSAA, if you’re not already a member. Once your application has been sent off you can fill out the Oakdale membership application, attach your $10 deposit and references and forward it to the SSAA Oakdale committee. The procedure is explained in more detail on the Rules  How to Join form. You will need to print the forms listed below.


You can now join the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia on line at – this is only needed if you aren’t already a member please select TAS as the State/ Territory and OAKDALE as the Preferred Branch/Club (as shown below).
If you wish you can also join by using the printable form available here & mailing or faxing it in or by calling the national membership office on 02 8805 3900.

They will post you a letter within 10 working days indicating your new membership number and membership expiry date.

How to Join SSAA Oakdale

SSAA Oakdale Probation Form

SSAA Oakdale Membership Application Form