Join or Shoot

Before you can shoot at or join the S.S.A.A. Oakdale Pistol Club.

There are legal obligations which must be met if you wish to shoot at or join the S.S.A.A. Oakdale Pistol Club:

You must have a firearms licence with the appropriate category and reason endorsement.

If this is the case, you can shoot on the Oakdale range as a visitor if you pay the appropriate visitor range fee or you can apply to become a member.
You must be able to produce your firearms licence upon request by an Oakdale official.


You must apply for an Exemption from the Commissioner of Police.

If you don’t have a firearms licence or the correct endorsements, you must fill in an Application For An Exemption.

This application will allow a one-time only shooting attendance at our club. If you decide to continue with the sport and want to become a member, the application must be sent to Firearms Services for a character check to see if you are suitable for an exemption. If your application is successful, you and the club will be notified and you can continue to shoot at Oakdale until membership and a firearms licence is granted. The exemption is valid for six (6) months, unless its revoked by the Commissioner of Police, and will only allow you to shoot at the club it was issued to.

If you cannot satisfy either of the above then you will not be allowed to shoot on the S.S.A.A. Oakdale Pistol Club Range.

The Committee

S.S.A.A. Oakdale Pistol Club Inc.